Ultimate Edge was born from our flagship division All Volleyball, Inc. and is part of the avbSPORTS family. Our seasoned team has a deep understanding of the entire order fulfillment, decorating and sales processes. Using our collective expertise and experience we’re committed to supplying the best high-performance apparel, improving the entire ordering process and relentlessly serving our customers. 

Brand Promise

On time. Under budget. Done correctly. Guaranteed.

Mission Statement

Through our people, culture and values we are committed to being the best high-performance corporate wear supplier in the United States.


Work hard. Laugh. Have fun. Leave exhausted. Do it all over again tomorrow!



We believe that being the best in a particular field is fun. That you lead by serving. That progress is never easy. That all people should be treated fairly and with respect. That hard work will be rewarded. That attitude is contagious. That you must love what you do. That there will never be a time when we have reached our peak. That our success depends on each and every team member. That a team approach will make the difference. That the Lord has blessed us and we strive to always remember that.